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Amazon to compete with Etsy for the Handmade market

Shuzka handmade necklace at Amazon
Handmade products, specially Handmade Jewelry is a multi-Billion dollars Industry. Amazon is now competing openly to earn the business of that small entrepreneur who runs a tiny shop in the corner of his or her living room. Handmade products, specially Handmade Jewelry is a multi-Billion dollars Industry.. I would like to share this interesting article.

Amazon launches a Handmade rival to Etsy – Engadget Thu, 08 Oct 2015 03:21:00 -0700

The store is divided into seven categories, including jewelry, home decor, artwork and furniture. That’ll give you a chance to find some one-of-a-kind paintings, along with items like leather magnetic cuffs, walnut rocking chairs …

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The Luxury of Handmade Jewerlry

Magdalena Frackowiak Presents Debut Jewelry Line – WWD Wed, 07 Oct 2015 17:29:03 GMT

The Victoria’s Secret model, took advantage of Paris Fashion Week to host a cocktail marking the official launch of her debut jewelry line, bringing a minimalist style, very consistent with a growing number a designers emphasizing the value of the handmade jewelry. “Luxury nowadays is to have pieces that are handmade,” she said. …

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Guillermo Urrego

Shuzka's Team
Shuzka’s Team

Shuzka Jewelry Creations is a wife and husband team effort. Bertha Lucia Losada, my wife, has a back ground of more than 20 years in the industry of precious and semi-precious gemstones. It was her patient and dedication learning and designing jewelry for over 2 decades, to create pieces for her personal collection and for family members and friends, what gave us enough reasons to develop our own line of Handmade Jewelry.

Bertha Lucia Losada
Bertha Lucia Losada

Our creative team effort and the passion and enthusiasm Lucia has working in our shop in Orlando, Florida, is a conscious hard work to ensure that every handmade jewelry piece that comes out of our shop lives up to the Shuzka’s name and expectations.

We use well known gemstones, some of them imported from all over the world which are carefully selected to reflect the highest quality, complemented with sterling silver or gold, to create versatile designs that are tailored to satisfy the customer’s most exquisite desires. We are committed to delight them day after day, meeting their high standards.

By having our exclusive online store, we are jewelry artisans that allow high level of customization. Everything we post on has been designed by Lucia and created in our shop. We can guarantee our customers high quality and low prices by offering only our own creations. Shopping at, the customer avoids paying retail markups, by shipping all the orders from the shop directly to you, the customer, usually within the next business day.

We are not the common retailer’s website. is our gallery, our exclusive outlet, and your next and ultimate online jewelry shopping experience.